Studio Dragon

Brand Identity

Studio Dragon

Following the success of the refreshed brand positioning and visual identity it achieved for the South Korean entertainment and media company CJ ENM, MMBP & Associates was engaged to rebrand one of its subsidiaries, Studio Dragon, Korea’s largest drama production company. Paying close attention to the legacy of this beloved brand, we created a new logo and visual system suitable for a full array of digital and physical applications.


MMBP & Associates developed a primary logo that is distinctive and modern while paying homage to the brand’s namesake. The use of lowercase letters for “Dragon” makes abstract reference to the mystical creature, seen in the sharp indentations in the construction of the letters, while the uppercase “STUDIO” ensures the logo’s legibility.

Heritage Symbol

Used in corporate applications and collateral, the dragon heritage symbol is a contemporary take on the company’s earliest logo, now set to a grid and made more versatile for a variety of applications, both physical and digital. The inclusion of the colour red imbues the symbol with added visual and metaphoric energy, and the introduction of the CJ ENM glyph in the O reinforces Studio Dragon’s high positioning within its parent company’s hierarchy and culture.

Colour Palette

MMBP & Associates evolved the original Studio Dragon blue, deepening it to convey authority and confidence. The new navy colour embodies the strength of ingenuity that powers Studio Dragon; indeed it is the studio’s ultimate mission to conquer the world of global entertainment. Blue is also the world’s most loved colour, and thus here used as a nod to Studio Dragon’s universal content, enjoyed across cultures by all ages.


Used for content and brand-focused communication, the Studio Dragon brand pattern employs abstracted overlays of the dragon heritage symbol, while the dragon heritage artwork showcases a tight crop of the dragon heritage symbol.