Brand design


Created by tech and entertainment industry experts and backed by a team of influential investors in music, entertainment, fintech and blockchain, Kollektion is reshaping the relationship between artists and fans through NFTs and exclusive online experiences. In partnership with its leadership team, MMBP & Associates, also a strategic investor in the platform, directed the brand design, which included its brand identity and product strategy, as well as its digital design and the visual and graphic direction for the new platform.


The brand can be found at the intersection of tech and entertainment, balancing a sense of timeless luxury with the dynamism of popular digital culture.“Kollektion’s vision is to open up the artistic journey to those who most admire it and appreciate it. NFTs and blockchain technology are a mechanism to do that, but what is truly fascinating is the potential we have to transform how artists and musicians connect with their audiences, and how their work is funded, created and sold. In a world where assumptions around ownership are constantly challenged, the Kollektion brand stands as a beacon for credibility, curation and positive creative disruption.”

– Julien Beaupré Ste-Marie, Co-Founder/Managing Director, MMBP & Associates



The company’s word marque, both in its long and short form – KLKTN – is inspired by the style of classic literature, with an understated colour palette and Goudy Old Style typography, a nod to the golden era of 1970s and 1980s US advertising campaigns.

Graphic World

The digital brand expression for Kollektion revels in the notion of disruption; it employs a design that reflects the language of pop culture in mobile and digital channels, and features a custom-made alphabet applied as a pattern next to the brand logo. “Tech brands can look very similar – a blur of bright colours and digital typefaces that don’t communicate what a company does or sells, let alone what it stands for. In the crowded NFT market, Kollektion stands out as a brand of contrasts, with a visual language that explores the tensions between high tech and craft, between quality and the frantic demands of a fast-moving digital environment.”

– Hank Park, Co-Founder/Artistic Director, MMBP & Associates

Website concept and design

MMBP & Associates developed Kollektion’s launch concept and designed the digital platform. Inspired by the rich and compelling UI of editorial websites, the typefaces, images, videos and design elements of Kollektion’s website display a strong graphic identity that complements the content. We developed the animated headers and scrolling banners, as well as the digital card concept, the wallet and the unpacking experience, adroitly interpreting the sensation of unwrapping a physical collectible for the digital world.


Special Edition NFTs

In conjunction with a roster of artists that includes Miyavi, Kimbra, Gang Dong-won and Shinichi Osawa, MMBP & Associates created and art directed a series of special editions – digital collectibles celebrating notable moments in the artists’ careers, such as a new musical release, a retrospective or a unique project. These digital collectibles feature custom art and provide fans with unparalleled access to their favourite artists by unlocking special experiences and perks, both digitally and IRL.


Kodex NFT

​​The arrival of the digital era gave us the world’s music at our fingertips, but it came with the loss of the sensorial experience of unpacking a record, cassette or CD and discovering the editorial context of the artists’ work. The Kodex (KDX) created by MMBP & Associates returns this experience to music lovers, who can now own and collect limited-edition liner notes designed for the digital age and immerse themselves in the artistry of their favourite artist’s album while they listen.


Manga Kollektion

Manga Kollektion enables readers to own their favourite parts of a manga series while building on a long manga tradition – that of fans voting for their most beloved stories. With Manga Kollektion, readers voice their preferences by collecting pages, thereby creating value for the manga artists.

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